So you think your style is unique…you are not alone!

As we all know with today’s advancements in technology the world is shrinking!

No matter how unique you think someone is there seems to be someone else just a matter of miles away who is just as or even more interesting. Our quirks and idiosyncrasies are what make us who we are but what do you do when someone follows ‘your style’. 

Although I’m late, take a look at this, five New Yorkers who have just one colour in their entire wardrobe, featured in the February issue of New York Magazine.

Some people may think of this as some kind of a sickness while others believe that they are simply ‘different’ then the average person.

How do you feel about it?



What would they do if everyone decided to follow their lead?

 It has become a typical practice for people to dress in black or full white all the time but anything else, ummm.

With all this favourite colour talk, I got the thinking and asked a friend of mine what if all PR practitioners adopted this style? Because we don’t have a recognizable uniform if we all wore the same colour we could be the leaders of a new trend?



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