YBF: from nothing to something!

Opposed to starting my own blog I would feel way more comfortable commenting on other people’s posts, but hey what can you do. This is not to say that I am 100 per cent against blogging but rather that I strongly feel that some people are more suitable as authors than others.

Allow me to introduce you to my home page on my laptop, a blog that I visit daily, and have never commented on, named I have been reading this blog created by Natasha Eubanks for about three to four years now and it has really come a long way. Over the years it has improved and transitioned into a huge space for black celebrity gossip and fashion. Establishing a space for readers to congregate for online discussion, and receive up to date celebrity gossip information; sign up for events and to receive the monthly online magazine and so much more, whew. As the site steadily improves increasing ad space and interactivity I can’t help but think, why didn’t I come up with this? J The answer to that question is as clear as day I have never been technologically savy and hip to the internet game, like that. Natasha (ybf origionator) on the other hand and has a strong team of active contacts that continues to grow and gain strength so to her I say keep up the good work.

Although I am not a actively participating member I still consider myself an active member of the ybf community (making me a ‘ybfchick’ in my own right). After frequenting this and other blogs I found that the blogroll feature is also a quite helpful tool. And if you enjoy ybf I encourage you to check out and take notice to the reoccurring sites on your favourite persons blogroll, you could really get hooked (reading them at the very least).


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  1. * CAM says:

    I am a fellow active, but not really member of I love to read the posts on Natasha’s blog, but I never feel the need to comment on it.

    I think that’s how I originally felt when I was asked to create my own blog. I thought that people would just read my posts and not have anything to say about the things I was talking about. But I found that like I’m doing now, people did have something to say.

    And maybe one day I’ll get up enough courage to comment on one of Natasha’s posts. But for now, I’ll sit back and read her entertaining blogspot.

    Posted 10 years ago

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