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The 2008 April cover of Vogue Magazine


NBA basketball player LeBron James and model Gisele Bundchen are in a ‘King Kong and Fay Wray’ type pose across the magazine cover and some people are taking obvious offence, much as I did upon first glance.

But then…

As rare as this may be, I began to see the inspiration beyond their juxtaposition, eventually finding the photo quite appealing. Moreover, after further examination, I have really come to enjoy the contrast aside from all the controversy.
I feel like this cover is something of great interest to many people especially in terms of media representation.

As all this continues to progress I just cannot help but ponder, who is Gisele’s publicist? Kudos to them and the entire creative communications team at Vogue they definitely have the people talking even way before the issue hit the stands.

I am anxious to see how this situation continues to progress.