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Although the proposal requires some more work, I vote YES on U-pass

The Toronto Star featured an article today entitled TTC pass proposal divides campus by Paola Loriggio some of the key points in the article were


-“U-pass” will be a discounted transit pass whose cost is bundled into student fees. 

– it would cost $60 a month, compared with the $87.75 it currently costs to buy a student Metropass.

– the U-pass fee would be frozen until 2010, regardless of fare hikes.

– If U of T votes in favour of the pass, the students could opt for a discounted York Region Transit pass or a GO discount as well.

-the implementation of the U-pass forces all students to pay even if they don’t use public transit.

I am unsure about further details of the proposal, never the less I feel that there is no reason why a college or university student should not get a public transit discount? I believe that they actually need the discount even more then high school students do.  Post secondary students are responsible for paying tuition, buying books, studying, reading etc. They are always doing way too much, which means that they deserve a break wherever they can get it. 

After the next three months I will no longer be a student but as someone who had to do what some people would consider an insane public transit commute for my graduate studies, I strongly believe that the “U-pass” can only work in favour for student riders, especially those who really need it.

Alternatively, I disagree that the pass should make everyone pay regardless of whether they take the TTC or not. However, I can understand where this suggestion comes from and it might even inspire people some into taking public transit. For those of us that refuse to park their car paying for a pass should not be that big of an issue. I mean those are the students who can afford to pay insurance, speeding and or parking tickets, campus parking and rising gas prices.

Call me crazy but I also think that if something is included in my school fees I see it as something that can’t be challenged. Institutional costs are something that I basically ignore and consider as part of the process; similar to the tax that you can never avoid on your cell phone bill. Because of all these and other hidden / unexplained fees we have to face in life. I think the “U-pass” can only be seen as a discount and as a student (post-secondary institution or not) any discount is a good discount!